Qld Holiday Ideas

  • Event Packaging & Distribution

Leverage tourism activities, extend visitor length of stay and grow exposure for your event with new tourism/event partnerships. Events have enormous potential in attracting new markets to regions, but often the host region does not capitalise on the extended tourism potential. We can help with event packaging strategies to help attract new visitor markets.

  • Online and Traditional Distribution Channels

Online, Traditional, Cooperative Marketing distribution strategies. Let us help you refine your distribution mix and assist you in building stronger relationships with your distribution channels.  We can advise on suitability of current online booking systems, channel managers and online distribution channels.  Lack of understanding in Wholesaler distribution processes and benefits can be found in both new and established tourism operators. We can assist by clarifying their roles and benefits and guide you in determining their suitability for your product.

  • Tourism Training, Mentoring & Workshops

In an industry where customer service and product delivery is king, you need to factor training and mentoring into your business model. Ask us about tailored training, mentoring and workshop programs.  Ongoing training and monitoring of your staff’s performance is critical to delivering quality tourism products. Our services include Training Needs Analysis, Development of Tailored Training Program, Development of Training Materials, Program Facilitation and Evaluation.

  • Product Representation (Trade & Consumer)

A common issue with small tourism businesses is their inability to find time to adequately represent their business in market. Many smaller operators are not in a position to build strong relationships with their distributors and can sometimes miss out on opportunities.  Services may include brochure representation at trade and consumer events, travel agent and wholesaler training, product development.

  • Regional Tourism Action Planning  Advice

All too often plans do not get implemented due to impractical or vague actions. We believe that a current and experienced-based knowledge of how tourism businesses interact with distribution partners and their customers is essential when developing action strategies.   This is where we believe we can help you.  We can assist in stakeholder facilitation, development of Action Plans and  project manage their implementation.